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Support our mission.


Help us protect our wildlife from extinction and provide resources to our rangers on the ground in South Africa. Your donation goes directly to safeguarding endangered African species.

Fund our conservation efforts on the ground in Southern Africa.

Your one-time or monthly gift helps us with the following: 

  • Training wildlife rangers in critical life-saving skills
  • Obtaining essential gear for ranger units
  • Sponsoring trained anti-poaching dogs for wildlife reserves
  • Community outreach and youth education programs
  • Assisting our conservation allies in the field with:
    • Wildlife rescues
    • Illegal snare removal operations
    • Rhino dehornings (only when absolutely necessary in high-risk areas)
    • Research projects
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Thank you for being a voice for the voiceless.


Your gift truly makes a difference for wildlife and communities.


We Urgently Need to Act

Today, those we are up against habitat and environmental destruction, resource depletion, poverty, lack of access to jobs and education, and criminals. All of these extremely complex problems converge to result in the continued infiltration of vulnerable lands, and the illegal killing of rhinos, elephants, lions, pangolins and more for the value of their horns, tusks, teeth, and scales. We are deliberately and incrementally destroying our relationship with the natural world, and it must end now.

Racing Towards Extinction

Every species' future matters as they contribute towards maintaining the extremely delicate ecosystems we all need to survive. Overall, African biodiversity has dropped 65% since 1970, and every day, up to 150 species go extinct. It is the local rangers who you are supporting in Southern Africa that are doing everything possible to give our precious wildlife the hope for survival. We are facing an inevitable, grim reality if we do not act soon.


Integrated Solutions

Africa’s population is projected to double between now and 2050. Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPLCs) have traditionally been marginalized from conservation. As populations grow, consumption of natural resources, wildlife trafficking, and poaching will worsen. Solutions must integrate education, livelihood alternatives, sustainable land use, and protected natural areas. SFW is uniquely postured to apply multi-dimensional conservation solutions on a local level here in Southern Africa.

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