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We directly support education and outreach projects that benefit local people who are most affected by conservation issues and often marginalized from decision-making. Our goal is to contribute towards generational change through livelihood alternatives to poaching, education, and career programs.

Supporting the next generation of conservation leaders.


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Africa’s population is projected to double between now and 2050. As populations grow, consumption of natural resources, wildlife trafficking, and poaching will continue to increase. Poverty, unemployment, and extreme corruption make it incredibly difficult for people to live and thrive. We can't make progress by trying to apply solutions in a vacuum. Solutions must integrate education, livelihood alternatives, sustainable land use, and protected natural areas. 

Local communities have traditionally been marginalized from conservation decision-making. Colonization, economic barriers, and corporate interests are just a few reasons for the purposeful exclusion of these people from decisions concerning the land they have traditionally lived on and the wildlife they traditionally coexisted with. When 80% of the children living in the vicinity of Kruger National Park have never seen an elephant or rhino, we know there is a problem. 



We firmly believe that one of the keys to successful conservation initiatives is the inclusion of local communities. We must strive to support the organic growth of conservation leaders from within our local communities. Real change can occur with efforts that span over multiple generations and provide solutions that are mutually beneficial for communities and wildlife.

SFW supports and collaborates with organizations like the Bush Babies and Rhino Revolution to sponsor participate in environmental education classes, sponsor vehicles, and set up programs to bring local kids on educational field trips into Kruger National Park. Our future goals are to become involved in secondary school environmental education efforts, university and higher education scholarships, and career and internship opportunities in conservation. All of these contribute towards the professional and economic success of our future leaders.

Our Impact

Learn more about specific projects, people, and organizations we've supported in communities in South Africa.

Kids to Kruger

Our current community-related fundraising objective is to bring local children on educational field trips into Kruger National Park.

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How You Can Help

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In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught. 
-Baba Dioum

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