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Come on a Journey With Us!

Meet us in South Africa and learn about conservation first-hand in the field.

Get out in the field on our reserve.

Education and service are core values here at SFW, so we are excited to offer unique experiences for those interested in learning more about conservation and actively participating in hands-on tasks on the reserve. We invite anyone who is passionate about wildlife and biodiversity to come join us in South Africa.

Coming Soon!
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Working Dog


Working dogs are force multipliers, enabling more poaching arrests and safeguarding reserves in our region.

Help our working dogs save wildlife!

In the current phase of our pilot program, we have two puppies. Our plan is to expand this program to raise and train working dog puppies to become certified anti-poaching dogs to donate to reserves that need them. Donations will offset expenses related to the care and raising of the puppies, including food, veterinarian bills, handler training, kennel upkeep, etc.



Help us protect our wildlife from extinction.

Support SFW's work in the field and help protect Africa's wildlife.

Donations support initiatives like wildlife ranger training in critical skills, equipment donations, after-school youth education programs, environmental education school programs, illegal snare removals, and more.


By committing to a monthly donation, you are directly sponsoring critical skills training and equipment for wildlife rangers in Southern Africa.

Support Ranger


Every one of us has a responsibility to care -- and to act.

While you may not be able to join our conservation initiatives in person, with a monthly gift, you CAN be the reason local rangers here in South Africa have the training and equipment to be successful. We stand with our world's wildlife rangers.


Your company can partner with SFW to equip an rangers, sponsor a land purchase, and help save a species.

Corporate Partner

Your company can make a difference. Be part of the solution.

Our corporate partners play a critical role in providing the funding and resources necessary to support our conservation and community initiatives. Your partnership enables us to spend less time fundraising and more time making an impact.

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Brand Advocate

Use your influence and platforms to increase awareness, and drive attention to this critical cause.

Use your voice to support our mission.

We need YOU in order to increase awareness and drive attention to this critical cause. If you have an engaged following, an active presence on Instagram, and are compelled to do your part to stop the poaching crisis, we invite you to apply to become a brand advocate for SFW.

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