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African Wildlife Conservation vs. COVID19

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

The COVID-19 virus is having detrimental effects on the conservation of Africa's wildlife, as tourism has come to a complete halt. With little funding, the protection of Africa’s wilderness is under extreme threat as the animals are vulnerable and in the open. Our efforts and organization are no exception and our operations have slowed due to the pandemic.

Due to our success with creating anti-poaching units and our community work, we earned our next big project to take over the management of well over 150,000 acres of land in the heart of the most poached region in the country of Zambia. We have had an extremely difficult time raising funds, as this opportunity could not have come to us at a more challenging time. 

The project will strictly be a conservation and community upliftment initiative as we will create over 80 + jobs for the indigenous people, invest our own funds into their community, secure and protect the land currently being decimated by poaching, and create various education programs. 

We are in need of funds for the following goods to be able to start this massive project as soon as possible since there are only a few months left in the dry season. If there is anything you can contribute, we would be EXTREMELY grateful. Every dollar raised here will go towards exactly what you see listed below. You will see updates on our Facebook and Instagram as we raise funds.

1. Toyota Landcruiser (will buy used) $20,000

2. Toyota Hilux pickup truck (will buy used) $12,000

3. Tractor and Trailer $30,000

4. Down payment for Anti-Poaching Canine Unit $10,000

5. Temporary housing on reserve while working (for all workers + food/appliances) $8,000

6. Repeater system for communication that covers the reserve $8,000

7. 1 motorbike $2000

8. Solar Panels $3,000

9. Diesel fuel $10,000

10. Ferry to transport vehicles/ equipment across the river (Kafue River) (only access) and to further transport tourists and visitors for years to come! $80,000

11. $7,500 Misc tools for work

This entire project over the next 2-3 years will cost approximately $2.5 million to complete. Once completed, over 150,000 acres of wilderness will be protected, dozens of jobs created, and our school will be open for an international body for anyone to come to learn about the wildlife of Africa through all of the courses our school entails. 

Thank you so much for your support!!

-Poaching Details- 

Each year 1 in a million species should expire naturally based on evolutionary history. Today 150-200 species go extinct every 24 hours, nearly 1000% the natural rate. By the end of the century, we could lose up to 50% of all species on earth.

Why are we doing this?

We want to bring the wild to those of us who do not have the means to see it in real life because we have been so distanced from the natural world for decades if not centuries. Our connection has been lost. We want to change that. We believe in a world where everyone appreciates what we have and isn’t always reaching for more. Cherish what you have. This world is beautiful, please help us stop destroying it.          

The SFW Team



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