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Urgent: 2 Elephants are Poached in Zambia

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Some tragic news from the field. We need your help.

**Warning: graphic content.**

Unfortunately, we come to you today with some tragic news of an incident that happened last Wednesday around 7pm at our reserve in Zambia. Two adult elephants have been poached -- their faces hacked away.

Their young calf escaped, but will most likely not last long. 

This operation was conducted by professionals and a wanted syndicate in this part of the country. We are attempting to cover an area of 9,880 acres of land with ONLY SIX men, due to funding restrictions.

We ask anyone and everyone, if you have the means to help please log onto our webpage at and become a monthly RANGER SPONSOR with whatever amount you can afford. 

With that money, we will be securing our rangers' salaries, training, gear, and equipment necessary to properly combat this issue.

In the video (above) is a message from Darrel Watt, a partner of SFW, Ex. captain in the Rhodesian SAS, and owner of the conservancy with the 2 poached elephants. For the last year, we have been working on getting this property up, running, and protected to bring life back into the area as it has been hit hard by poaching. Darrel has tracked down and arrested over 1,800 poachers throughout his career in managing very large conservancies.

But we need YOUR HELP to better protect it. If you are able to give, please consider being the reason we get another ranger on the ground.

P.S. Here is the most recent update from the field. Watch here.



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