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SFW firmly believes in education initiatives within local communities here in Southern Africa, but we are also focused on conservation education targeting an international audience. We need to increase visibility on the biodiversity crisis here and we want to share this story with our supporters all over the world. One of our methods of educating and spreading awareness is to offer courses here in the field in South Africa.

We aim to share knowledge and experiences to inspire action.



Africa is home to some of the most diverse and magnificent wildlife in the world. From lions and elephants, to gorillas and cheetahs, the continent is rich in biodiversity and home to countless species that are unique to this region. Unfortunately, many of these species are under threat due to habitat loss, poaching, and human-wildlife conflict. In order to protect our wildlife, we must first understand the problem. This is why we believe so strongly in the importance of education and we've made it one of our primary goals to share this knowledge with an international audience.

One of the key areas where education can have an impact is in the development of conservation policies and programs. By educating voters, decision-makers, and policymakers about the importance of wildlife conservation, we can help to ensure that they are more likely to make decisions that support the protection and preservation of wildlife and their habitats. 

At its core, conservation education is about understanding and protecting the complex ecosystems that support life on this planet. By studying the relationships between species, the environments they inhabit, and the factors that threaten their survival, we can gain a better understanding of what we can do to protect them. In Africa, this is particularly important, as the continent is home to many species that are not found anywhere else on earth and are especially vulnerable to extinction. Through education, we can raise awareness about the importance of protecting wildlife and the role that each and every one of us can play in this effort. Whether it's by supporting conservation organizations, making sustainable lifestyle choices, or spreading the word about our mission, every action we take can make a difference.



Ultimately, wildlife conservation is about more than just saving animals. It's about preserving the beauty, diversity, and wonder of this amazing world for future generations to enjoy. It's about creating a world where wildlife and humans can coexist in harmony, where our actions have a positive impact on the environment, and where the rich biodiversity of our planet is protected for generations to come.


Come and learn about our efforts to protect wildlife and preserve the rich biodiversity of Southern Africa. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that the magnificent wildlife of this amazing continent will thrive for years to come.

We partner with Les Brett and the Dung Beetle Bush School to provide an introductory conservation course covering topics from basic ecology and animal behavior to wildlife crime and dangerous game encounters. This is a rugged bush school in a field environment and open to anyone who has a positive attitude and wants to learn. Click below to read more about the Dung Beetle Bush School and view the course application.

Our Impact

Learn more about our conservation efforts in our local region and how our work is positively impacting our world's rangers, wildlife, and biodiversity.

Kids to Kruger

Our current community-related fundraising objective is to bring local children on educational field trips into Kruger National Park. The more we educate our youth, the more we can inspire the next generations of conservationists!

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How You Can Help

Make a one-time or monthly donation to help support our continued training operations in Southern Africa. Your assistance enables us to train ranger, empower communities, and preserve wildlife.

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