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SFW Announces the Acquisition of Reserve Property, Set to Become a Wildlife Conservation Center

The land purchase is a significant milestone in the organization’s 6 years in operation, with the goal of “changing the trajectory of success”.

To our followers, supporters, donors, friends, family, and everyone who has been a part of our journey over the last six years…

We are incredibly proud to announce that SFW has purchased our own 300-hectare (741 acres) property in South Africa, which will become a working Conservation Center where international guests, volunteers, local community members, and fellow conservationists will be able to participate alongside us in critical conservation efforts.

The purchased land is north of Hoedspruit, South Africa, bordering one of Africa’s most wild parks, Kruger National, and nearby other like-minded organizations and individuals who are working together every day to preserve wildlife ecosystems.

Our founder, John Garcia, shared:

This is a huge milestone for us. This whole journey has been about paving our own road, and figuring out where we fit in this world of conservation. Every step is new – and this is going to be one of our most important steps forward to change the trajectory of our success.”

The reserve is going to help us build revenue-generating programs that will not only put funds back into our organization’s conservation efforts but will also see volunteers and guests working directly with the land and surrounding wildlife and communities. By securing our own land, my hope is that it’s communicating to everyone that we are here for the long haul.”

The vision for the new reserve is strongly aligned with SFW’s key pillars of focus, including biodiversity preservation, community empowerment, and ranger training and professional development. It will give both employment and educational opportunities to local community members, while also connecting many more people with the natural world. And the funds generated will also go toward sponsoring more ranger training.

John added:

We want to create the ultimate experience in conservation, where people can get access to things that the average person would never have the opportunity to be exposed to, including getting out into the bush, having unique wildlife experiences, and meeting influential conservationists. The goal is to give people a real education about the value of biodiversity and community empowerment.”

With the purchase of the reserve, our focus is now on securing funds to build the infrastructure needed to support our vision, as well as to hire key staff from within the community. We are also working to secure funds for renovations, including the build-out of a Conference Center, where we can host others in the wildlife conservation space to collaborate and have the critical conversations needed to ensure we’re pushing this cause forward.

In this fight, collaboration and comradery are key. We need to continue to build relationships with individuals and organizations like ourselves who want to see the world change. This reserve isn’t just for SFW, it’s for everyone who shares our values and mission.

If you are interested in learning more or supporting SFW’s Conservation Center in South Africa, please do not hesitate to reach out. Donate here.

We are excited to share our progress with you, and we hope you continue on this exciting journey with us!

Thank you,

The Team at SFW


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