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SFW June 2023 Update

Hey, followers! We’re here with updates from the bush, this time from the busy month of June. If you missed our email, don't worry - we've got it all right here for you on the SFW Conservation blog.

Over the past several weeks, we’ve continued to sponsor and be a part of educational trips for the youth from nearby communities into the Kruger national park, we held our first-ever fundraising event in South Africa alongside our partners at Green Trax (big shout out to our hosts, Keystone Cafe!), and we participated in some important community gatherings and events.

Conservation Collaborations: SFW x Green Trax Fundraiser at Keystone Cafe

Earlier this month, the amazing folks at Keystone Cafe graciously hosted us for an evening fundraising event at their location in Hoedspruit, South Africa, along with our partners at Green Trax. This was our first-ever fundraiser in South Africa, and we couldn’t have been more thrilled with the turnout and positive response from the community.

Our founder, John, had the chance to share SFW’s mission with a room full of conservation supporters. And, we’re proud to say that all proceeds from the event went to Green Trax, who have been invaluable in the training of our anti-poaching K9s.

Hoedspruit Rally

Also in June, we proudly stood alongside community members, like-minded organizations, and conservationists in Hoedspruit, united against the bail application for poaching kingpin “Big Joe”. The energy was absolutely electric, and the outcome was a good one, with Big Joe’s bail application being postponed. It's important for us to get out into the community during events like these to peacefully advocate for our cause and form relationships with the countless organizations who share our values and a sense of urgency to act.

The above photo (and all of our latest content) was taken by our own in-house photographer, videographer & content creator, Christian Gilliam, who has officially joined us full-time at our home base in South Africa. Check him out on IG: @x.the.visonary

Did You Know...?

Pangolins (pictured below) are the most trafficked mammals in the world, and they are also one of the rarest. This animal has little defense; their defensive posture is to curl up in the shape of a small ball in the hopes that a predator cannot pull them apart to reach their vital organs or the softer part of their bodies to consume. So, when it comes to poaching, it's as easy as picking the animal up and walking away with it. This makes pangolins extremely vulnerable to poachers, and they are seen as extremely valuable, with their scales being made of the same element as rhino horn. Our own K9 in training, Shadow, is going to play a big role here. Now that she has mastered ammunition detection, she is now moving towards rhino horn and pangolin scale. At the current rate, up to 200,000 of these prehistoric creatures are poached each year. They are racing toward extinction. Please help us spread awareness! Recently, SFW has been involved in operations to rescue poached pangolins. With good teams on the ground, these operations occur quite often, and they're often time-sensitive AND sensitive in nature, due to the circumstances, and ensuring the animal's wellbeing is the highest priority. If anyone is interested in donating to this space specifically, we encourage you to type "pangolin" in your donation note. Your funds will go directly toward supporting these pangolin rescue missions, including fuel to get to the operation and veterinarian expenses for rescued pangolins, who are often found in poor health. Thank you in advance!

Next Up: SFW's Second Annual Golf Outing: 'Swinging Against Extinction" on July 24th

We’re headed back to the States for our second annual golf outing and fundraiser at Blue Hill Golf Course in Rockland County, New York. Last year was a huge success, with significant dollars raised and more opportunities to connect with our hometown about the importance of our cause. This year’s outing will be held on Monday, July 24th. If you are interested in learning more or taking a swing at extinction, we still have a few playing slots left! Get in touch with John Garcia!

Thanks for tuning in! And more than anything, thank you for your continued unwavering generosity and ongoing support. Your dedication fuels our passion and drives us forward on this journey of wildlife conservation.



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